Construction Project Manager / Superintendent


Work Experience

  • Construction Managed, Superintended, Estimated, and Negotiated all General Construction Projects.
  • Coordinated with Industrial Environmental Hygiene Project Managers, Facilities, Custodians, Principals, Architects, Engineers, and Trade Contractors to initiate the project and close out the project.
  • Monitored work and materials to ensure quality control standards are met at various stages of the project.
  • Communicated with the project team and support each sub-contractor to execute their job duties effectively and efficiently.
  • Scheduled inspections to meet the varying safety and compliance regulations on the job site.
  • Identified and resolved problems and conflicts, organizing meetings and cooperating with team members in various roles as necessary.
  • Accomplished construction project results by defining project purpose and scope, calculating resources required, established standards and protocols, allocated resources, scheduled and coordinated staff and sub-contractors, evaluated milestone assumptions and conclusions, resolved design problem, evaluated and implemented change orders.
  • Ensured that the Construction Contractor is fully conversant with all Company Project Scaffolding Inspection related standards and procedures.
  • Monitored and ensured that a comprehensive record of documentation and certification of Scaffolding Inspection work is maintained, and assist in the satisfactory handover of completed package from Construction Contractor to Company.
  • Ensured the Construction Contractor provision of Scaffolding material receipts, handling, inventory control and distribution at site and maintained and audit-able record of all material related transactions.
  • Supervised and coordinated activities of workers engaged in all rigging and lifting activities, to ensure compliance with safety procedures and method statements.
  • Worked closely in partnership with the Department Coordinator to distribute work to the rigging team according to production schedules, ensuring that timelines and quality are met.
  • Fostered and enabled communication across all departments to ensure that production needs are understood rigs are consistently efficient, fast, and intuitive.